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Our friendly and professional pharmacy team are here to speak with about your health concerns and needs.

Providing a broad range of NHS and private services from within our Cockermouth Pharmacy, as well as outreach healthcare within the community.

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In-pharmacy health services

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Flu vaccinations

Ensure you're protected from flu this year.

Pre-booked and drop-in appointments available to suit you.

Covid-19 hub screening

Providing a range of private screening services for Covid-19. These include pre-travel, post-travel and testing at home.

Blood pressure testing

A blood pressure test is a simple way of checking if your blood is too high or too low.

A test is the only way to find out as most people won't have any obvious symptoms.

Cholesterol check-up

Our cholesterol check-up can help identify how likely you are to develop heart disease in the next ten years and may help you to prevent it.

We'll also support you in making changes to look after your heart in the future.

Health check-up

A Health Check helps measure your risk of developing certain health problems and can help spot early signs of stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and kidney disease.

Pre-booked and drop-in appointments available to suit you.

Travel health

Our experienced and trained staff provide a comprehensive range of assessments and services including vaccinations, Covid-19 PCR tests, Fit to Fly certification, first-aid, flying fear and altitude sickness, period delay.


Castlegate Pharmacy staff are there to offer practical tips, answer questions, support with choosing the right products and ease concerns for anyone at any stage of incontinence and bladder weakness.

Women's sexual health

Access our confidential sexual health service for advice and treatment. Our consulting room provides a private space to discuss your needs including oral contraception, the morning after pill and sexual health home testing kits.

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